Versabar Provided Engineering and Hydraulic Equipment for SCR FlexJoint Replacement Project

An offshore operator recently completed SCR (steel catenary riser) FlexJoint replacements on the oil and gas export pipelines on a TLP (tension leg platform) in the Gulf of Mexico. Wear beyond acceptable limits on the existing FlexJoints and improvements to the design from their manufacturer were the primary drivers of the FlexJoint replacement project.


Versabar designed and engineered the hydraulic winch based SCR recovery and FlexJoint replacement system, which included handling and installation winches, SCR steering winches, custom structural skid interface systems for all six winches, a custom SCR hang off beam and rigging, in addition to custom SCR pull heads and friction clamps with the work platform.


In addition to performing detailed engineering and design, Versabar also fabricated, assembled, and tested all of the winch systems’ components. Versabar performed offshore installation and commissioning of the system, and provided trained personnel onsite to operate the equipment for successful project execution.

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