OTC 2011

For the 17th year, Versabar participates in the annual Offshore Technology Conference held at Reliant Stadium in Houston. To view video footage taken at the trade show, click here. Versabar's Technical Director, John Greeves, and Sales and Marketing Director, Tom Cheatum discuss the thirty year anniversary of the company, and the innovative VB 10,000 lift system.


98' Spreader Bar Tests

Versabar's in-ground test machine is used to load test a 98' spreader bar for a client. The bar was tested using 4 different setups, each using specific sling angles and pick points on the bar to accurately simulate the loads the bar will encounter when used in the field. The test loads were 140.5, 132, 264 and 264 short tons.



Versabar performs a function test to check the control system for the reel and level wind on a newly built IWOC (Intervention Workover Control) unit. This unit is one of two HPU's and two reels being built as a joint project between Versatech and Versabar. Each reel holds 2,700 feet of 4-inch umbilical and will be used to operate valves subsea. Versabar also pull tested the reel to 1300 lbs. on the top layer.


Stainless Steel HPU Test

At the Belle Chasse facility, Versabar tests a stainless steel HPU enclosure box to 227% of the working load limit using steel weights. The empty weight of the box was 1,200 pounds. After testing, the lift eyes were non-destructively dye penetrant tested.


Chain jack Test

After modifications for their client, Versabar proof load tested this chain jack to 750 tons. This System Integrated Test for the client is one of the heaviest vertical tests Versabar has completed to date.


12-bar Coke Tower Lift

Using a 12-bar configuration engineered by Versabar, three coke towers are lifted simultaneously in a refinery in Port Arthur, Texas. Measuring 176' across and 160' tall, the three-tower structure provided the challenge of designing a rigging harness that would distribute the load evenly for a level lift without causing any damage to the delicate structure of the towers themselves. Including the rigging, the total weight of this lift is 1,450 tons, making it the largest land lift Versabar has performed to date.


Running Tool Test

Versabar's in-ground test bed is used to proof-load a running tool for a client. The tool was tested to 200 short tons and will be used to lower a tree to a subsea wellhead.


Well Containment Capping Stack Test

Versabar's in-ground test bed is used toproof-load acomponentof a well containment capping stackto 180 short tons.When installed, the framewill be bolted onto a largerassemblythat houses aBOP (Blow Out Preventer).


Spreader Bar Test

8andwas proof load tested to 157 short tons using two padeyes at the top and four padeyes at the bottom.


3628-ton Lift

The VB 10,000 retrieves a 2900-ton component of a submerged jack-up rig from the Gulf of Mexico. The component was contained in a basket custom-engineered and fabricated by Versabar. The total weight of the lift including the basket and the rigging was 3628 tons.


2750-ton Deck Removal

The VB 10,000 lifts a 2750-ton submerged deck from the Gulf of Mexico. Versabar's Bottom Feeder lift system had previously lowered a basket to the floor of the Gulf and placed the deck in the basket for easier removal. The VB 10,000 then lifted the basket and contained platform 200' to the surface and placed them on a barge for transport. The combined weight of the basket and deck was 3400 tons.
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