Versabar's Claw Retrieves 8-pile Deck

Versabar's twin Claw assemblies recovered an 8-pile deck from just over 300 feet beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. Overcoming numerous underwater obstacles, the VB 10,000 lift team maneuvered carefully to insert the tines into the structure before bringing it to the surface, where it was deposited on a transport barge. Including the weight of the Claw, the total lift registered 4,000 tons, making it one of the heaviest VB 10,000 lift projects on record.


VB 10,000 Installs Offshore Platform

Versabar's VB 10,000 lift system installed a 3,500-ton platform in the Gulf of Mexico, in the first installation operation the system has performed. The platform had previously been decommissioned by the VB 10,000 in 2011 for maintenance, and was installed at a new block location this summer.


500-ton Deck Retrieved by Versabar's Claw

A 500-ton deck was removed from the Gulf of Mexico by Versabar's VB 10,000 and Claw lift device. Two identical support cradles were lowered to the sea floor near the damaged topside. The Claw was then lowered by the VB 10,000 to retrieve the deck and place it on top of the two cradles, which together would serve as a base to carry the structure to the surface. Using the Claw on one gantry of the VB 10,000, and a lift bar rigging configuration on the other, both worked simultaneously to bring the entire lift package to the surface, where it was then lowered to a transport barge for removal.


1,000-ton Deck Removal

Versbar's VB 10,000 lift system removed a 1,000-ton deck from the Gulf of Mexico. Custom-engineered steel cradles served as a base upon which the deck was brought to the surface. Prior to the lift, the cradles were lowered to the sea floor by the VB 10,000, and placed adjacent to the damaged topside. The deck was then lifted by the system and positioned atop two identical cradles, distributing the load between them. Using a rigging configuration consisting of four custom-engineered lift bars, the VB 10,000 retrieved the entire lift package, and placed it on a barge for transport.


Versabar's Claw Retrieves 750-ton Quarters Building

Versabar's award-winning Claw lift device retrieved a 750-ton quarters building from the Gulf of Mexico at a water depth of 260 ft. Operated by winches, each half of the Claw was positioned so that the grappling device's tines would secure the building in place to make the trip from the sea floor to the surface. The quarters building was then deposited and secured in custom grillage on a transport barge to be towed to a Gulf Coast salvage facility.


VB 10,000's First Lift Operations of 2012 Offshore Salvage Season

Versabar's VB 10,000 lift system retrieved over 1,000 tons of hurricane-related debris from the Gulf of Mexico this May in the first four salvage operations of the 2012 season. In three of these operations, the procedure was nearly identical. Two jacket base tripods and an 8-pile jacket base were each lifted by the VB 10,000, and positioned on a transport barge for removal. The jacket legs were carefully placed in support cans that had previously been welded to the barges in order to hold the structures in place during transport.


Versabar in the News at OTC 2012

As a recipient of the 2012 Spotlight on New Technology Award, Versabar's Claw lift device was a focus of media attention at the Offshore Technology Conference. Jon Khachaturian (Versabar President) and John Greeves (Technical Director) were interviewed at the trade show.


Versabuoy Model Debuts at OTC

One of the features of Versabar's booth at the Offshore Technology Conference this year was a seven foot tall detailed scale model of the Versabuoy, Versabar's latest innovative offshore technology. Using a patented articulating joint, the Versabuoy technology not only minimizes the effects of wave motion on topsides, but it also provides a quick, efficient, and cost-effective solution in platform production.


Claw Receives Spotlight on New Technology Award

Versabar's Claw lift device was one of 13 new innovative technologies to receive the Spotlight on New Technology Award at the 2012 Offshore Technology Conference held at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. This is Versabar's third time receiving the award, having been recognized for the Deck Raising System in 2007, and the Bottom Feeder in 2008.


VB 10,000 Prepares for 2012 Lift Season

After post 2011 season maintenance, Versabar's VB 10,000 lift system is seen undergoing load testing in Sabine Pass, Texas. Each of the four main hoist blocks of the system were tested individually, lifting a 1,650-ton water-filled barge. Two additional sets of blocks, which control the functioning of the Claw lift device, also underwent load testing. After performing sea trials, the system will be ready for this season's first lift operation scheduled to occur mid-May.


VB 10,000 Completes First Full Season of Work

In its first full season of work, the VB 10,000 completed 40 lift operations of widely differing scope and nature. Ten toppled decks and two toppled jackets were retrieved from the sea floor. Three standing decks and three standing jackets were removed as well. Two of the jackets were also towed and reefed, a procedure first performed by the VB 10,000's predecessor, the Bottom Feeder. In September, the VB 10,000 removed five sunken platforms in a four-day span utilizing the new Claw lift device. After a successful season in 2011, the VB 10,000 is currently undergoing routine maintenance and upgrades in preparation for the 2012 lift season.
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