VB 10,000 Removes Decommissioned Tripod Platform

Versabar's VB 10,000 is under tow carrying a 500-ton tripod jacket. This marked the first transport operation with a jacket suspended out of the water, demonstrating the benefit of the system's unique twin gantry configuration. The 250-ton topside was lifted from the jacket by the VB 10,000 a few weeks prior. A 200-ton conductor was also removed and towed through choppy waters by the same method. The VB 10,000's two barges are hydrodynamically decoupled, allowing them to move independently, providing the vessel with exceptional stability in scenarios such as this.


VB 10,000 Removes Decommissioned Bridge-Linked Platforms

A decommissioned bridge-linked platform complex was removed from the Gulf by Versabar's VB 10,000. Using its DP-3 thrusters, the VB 10,000 floated over the platforms, retrieved the 30-ton adjoining bridge, and maneuvered away in order to lower the bridge onto a transport barge. After leg cuts were performed, the topsides (weighing 1200 tons and 600 tons) were each lifted off of their jackets and sea-fastened to a transport barge for removal. The entire removal operation was performed in just one day.


VB 10,000 Removes Decommissioned Topsides

Using its DP-3 thrusters, Versabar's VB 10,000 was able to maneuver among tightly-spaced rigs to remove two decommissioned platforms from the Gulf of Mexico. A production platform weighing 880 tons and an accommodations platform weighing 330 tons were each lifted and placed on a transport barge for removal.


Synchronous Deck Raising Procedure

Versabar's Deck Raising technology was used to raise a multi-platform bridge-linked complex off the coast of Indonesia in order to increase the storm air gap and counteract the subsidence that had occurred over time in the surrounding seabed. Using 108 hydraulic rams, 3 platforms and their supporting bridge structures were raised 159.5 inches in a simultaneous and synchronized multi-phase process.


OTC 2013

For the 19th year, Versabar participated in the annual Offshore Technology Conference held at Reliant Stadium in Houston. Some new display features in the booth this year were 3D videos of the VB 10,000 and Claw performing offshore lift operations, and an 80 x 38 x 76 scale model of the Versabuild Lift System. The Versabuild heavy lift technology uses familiar elements (booms, blocks, winches, and transporters) but employs them in an innovative patented design that provides high load capacities while keeping capital costs far below those of conventional systems. The A-frame boom alignments require no bulky counterweights, relying instead on improved load distribution for safety and stability.


Deck Raising SIT

Versabar's patented deck raising technology will be used to simultaneously raise three platforms and their connecting bridges in order to restore a safe air gap between each platform's cellar deck and the mean water line. In order to perform accurate SIT (System Integration Testing), Versabar built a detailed deck and bridge construction at the Houston facility. In a multi-phase procedure, hydraulically and electronically synchronized rams were used to raise the structure 4 meters. The custom-engineered rams and their HPUs (Hydraulic Power Units) will be shipped offshore to perform the actual deck raising procedure of the multi-platform bridge-linked complex for an operator in Southeast Asia.


2,700-ton Platform Decommissioning

Versabar's VB 10,000 lift system was used in the decommissioning of a 2,700-ton platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Once the legs were cut, the VB 10,000 lifted the deck from its jacket. With the platform suspended in the air, the VB 10,000 used its GPS thrusters to navigate away from the jacket, enabling a transport barge to maneuver into position underneath the structure. The platform was lowered and sea-fastened to the barge before departing.


VB 10,000 Retrieves 1,700-ton Platform & Jacket Section

Versabar's VB 10,000 lift system retrieved a 1,700-ton platform from the Gulf and rotated it 90 degrees before placing it on a transport barge for removal. The platform's size presented variables for Versabar engineers to work around, as it was too tall and too wide to be lifted and placed on a barge in an upright fashion. For the most secure lift, it was determined that the platform should be rotated and placed on its side. Custom barge grillage was fabricated to help support the platform during transport, as it extended beyond the edges of the barge.


Platform Decommissioned by Versabar's Claw

Versabar's Claw was used to decommission a 900-ton standing platform. While the Claw has already been used in a number of salvage lifts, this is the first time the device was used in an above-water decommissioning operation. Once the VB 10,000 floated over the platform, the Claw assemblies (operated by winches) were positioned to grasp the platform. With the tines carefully secured in the structure, the VB 10,000 lifted the deck, used its GPS thrusters to float away from the jacket, and then deposited the load on a transport barge.


Claw Removes Quarters Buildings from the Gulf

Versabar's Claw was used to remove two quarters buildings from the Gulf, one weighing 200 tons, and the other weighing about 500 tons. The Claw has been used in numerous salvage operations this summer, retrieving various structures with a combined weight of over 7,500 tons.


Versabar's Claw Retrieves 8-pile Deck

Versabar's twin Claw assemblies recovered an 8-pile deck from just over 300 feet beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. Overcoming numerous underwater obstacles, the VB 10,000 lift team maneuvered carefully to insert the tines into the structure before bringing it to the surface, where it was deposited on a transport barge. Including the weight of the Claw, the total lift registered 4,000 tons, making it one of the heaviest VB 10,000 lift projects on record.
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