Versabar Provided Engineering and Hydraulic Equipment for SCR FlexJoint Replacement Project

An offshore operator recently completed SCR (steel catenary riser) FlexJoint replacements on the oil and gas export pipelines on a TLP (tension leg platform) in the Gulf of Mexico.


VersaCutter Receives Spotlight on New Technology Award

Versabar’s VersaCutter is one of 15 new technologies to receive the Spotlight on New Technology Award for the 2015 Offshore Technology Conference.


VB 10,000 Removes 2,200-ton Jacket

The advantageous hook height of Versabar's VB 10,000 heavy lift vessel is amply demonstrated in the removal of a 2,200-ton jacket.


VB 10,000 Lifts Decommissioned Topside from Spar

Versabar's VB 10,000 heavy lift vessel removed a 3,850-ton decommissioned deepwater topside from a spar. This was the first time such an operation was performed in the Gulf of Mexico.


Rise of Independence Shuttle Replica Lift

Versabar provided lift engineering and the rigging used to lift the full-size space shuttle replica Independence and set it atop NASA's Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, in the creation of Space Center Houston's future world-class aviation exhibit.


VB 10,000 Platform Installation in Mexico

Versabar's VB 10,000 heavy lift vessel installed a 2850-ton topside for Mexico state oil company, Pemex's BALAM-A wellhead platform in the Bay of Campeche. The deck installation, Versabar's first in Mexico, was accomplished in just under four hours following a four-day tow from Sabine Pass, Texas.


Versabar's Non-welded Seafastening Method

Seafastening decommissioned platforms to transport barges for removal was previously accomplished by welding, which was both time-consuming and hazardous. Versabar developed a non-welded seafastening method that significantly reduces exposure time and eliminates the dangers of hot work from the operation. Using a 2 1/2 air impact wrench, sized to be safely handled by personnel on the barge, bolts are tightened to secure each leg in a support base. On June 24, a 230-ton platform was removed in just 4 hours. Once the platform was lowered into position on the barge, it took only two personnel less than 10 minutes to tighten 8 bolts to secure the 4 legs of the platform.


Versabar Develops New Versacutter Prototype

Versabar and one of its key clients teamed to produce a safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly method of cleanly severing subsea structures 15 feet below the mudline. Versabar engineered a working prototype to be used in conjunction with the VB 10,000 to remove a 250-ton caisson-mounted topside. Called the Versacutter the prototype utilizes wire rope threaded with custom-engineered tungsten-carbide beads, and is operated by hydraulic winches. The cutting wire successfully sawed through the mud and cleanly severed the 60 caisson along with both internal and external conductors, a total of eight interfaces of steel and concrete in just ten hours. Following the successful cut, the VB 10,000 lifted the entire structure and towed it back to port where it was placed on a barge for transport to a salvage facility.


Versabar Weighs Full-Scale Shuttle Model

Versabar's weigh team weighed a full-scale Space Shuttle model at Space Center Houston. The shuttle, which registered 79.94 short-tons, is part of a new $12 million complex that will feature the Space Shuttle and its Boeing 747 Carrier in a classic piggyback configuration. Versabar will also be engineering and performing the lift and placement of the shuttle atop the 747.


Chain Jack Riser Pull-in SIT

The largest custom chain jack system produced by Versabar to date, passes its System Integration Testing (SIT) by lifting a 900-ton skid in Houston on March 30. Fully engineered, fabricated, and tested by Versabar, the system will be disassembled and shipped offshore where it will be operated by Versabar personnel to perform two riser pull-ins.


VB 10,000 Removes Decommissioned Tripod Platform

Versabar's VB 10,000 is under tow carrying a 500-ton tripod jacket. This marked the first transport operation with a jacket suspended out of the water, demonstrating the benefit of the system's unique twin gantry configuration. The 250-ton topside was lifted from the jacket by the VB 10,000 a few weeks prior. A 200-ton conductor was also removed and towed through choppy waters by the same method. The VB 10,000's two barges are hydrodynamically decoupled, allowing them to move independently, providing the vessel with exceptional stability in scenarios such as this.
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